About Us


What Define Us?

In 2019, STANLEE INDIA took its first step into the industry and had reformed the dimensions of Consumer Electronics Space. We stand first in revolutionizing the Portable & Innovative technology that has been dominating the Indian landscape.

STANLEE INDIA gave birth to the first-ever idea of introducing Indian technology to Innovative  Led Tv, Soundbars, Wall Mount, Bluetooth speakers, car accessories, hubs & cables, Wireless Chargers, and many more.

Our consistent growth in the industry and quality services gives our vision an uplifting platform in the industry.


The Vision We Aspire!

STANLEE INDIA, with its PAN India recognition, has proficiently excelled in making innovation accessible to all. For more than a decade, STANLEE INDIA have endeavoured to give a knock off the best of services and technology to every door in the nation.

Our vision and goal is to transform products from simple gadgets to an enriching lifestyle experience. Our user-centered work strives to make your life easier and more convenient so that you can make room for new possibilities.

The best part? We update living standards, spike up performance, upgrade quality, and most essentially make sure not to pinch your pockets!


The STANLEE INDIA Way of Reformation

We work on transforming the face of gadgets. Our goal is to give a reforming definition to technological devices by crowning them as enablers and not just mere liabilities.Moreover, STANLEE INDIA gadgets and products rule over accessibility, quality, and innovation and give your modern needs a stylish touch!